Optimization for site conversion for smart phones

The point of accessing to home pages of various sites has gradually changed since the spread of smart phones.

What used to be accessed in PCs can now be accessed in smart phones, and smart phone usage might even surpass the use of PCs.

We in ZYYX are also engaged into creating websites optimal for smart phones and tablets, devices which are gradually becoming a hub of the internet.

Smart phone site production by ZYYX

Expressive mobile site through HTML5 and CSS3

Most mobile units are not loaded with Flash. In line with that fact, mobile sites are inclined to HTML5. As committed to HTML5, alongside with the knowledge of it, ZYYX provides creation of an expressive and powerful mobile site.

Links with CMS

ZYYX takes pride in design and system development. While creating design for mobile sites such as 'responsive design', we also specialize in merging systems such as OpenCms.

We do not compromise development for PCs even if the system is centered on for mobile phones. Furthermore, we also provide solution which includes management as one of the considerations.


Electronic book sales site

We had created a mobile site through CMS, merging with a design template for smart phones. The site is equipped with management functions such as sales history and book information. Compatibility support and site maintenance are also done by us.

Publication information site for smart phone

We had converted and featured parts of a member exclusive PC site for smart phone viewing. Only selected members may access the site from smart phones. System was linked with webolution since contents can be viewed even when offline.