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Product various business scenes smartly.


iBiz is a service that excels in broad business scenes regardless of the type of industry.

Multimedia data are uniformly managed and distributed through cloud,and can be viewed, played and managed in an iPad

Rationale: Having trouble in:

  • Carrying paper catalogues?
  • endlessly updating paper documents?
  • Controlling documents?

iBiz will resolve all of these!

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What is iBiz?

iBiz is a service where documents such as PDF files and multimedia data such as movies, images and music are managed on the cloud system and distributed to the iPad. This service is useful in sales negotiations, serving customers, lessons, meetings and other business scenarios.

  • Latest data guaranteed anywhere with an internet connection!

    Data are managed on the cloud environment of our company, and hence sharing can be done in real-time between the staff deployed. Data on the iPad and on the server will be synched upon going online, leading to avoid holding of deficient or excessive and outdated data.

  • Function-loaded, notepad not wanted!

    The iBiz PDF viewer is loaded with memo, markers and notepad functions. This helps in jotting down memos such as customer requests, advise to junior staffs, or marking out important points of a document.

  • Swiftly displays locations you want to verify!

    Browse the location of a document through the PDF string search function. Search conditions will be created automatically by only uploading a PDF data on the server, and will enable string search on the iPad. Corresponding results will be displayed over the list, with corresponding strings highlighted.

  • Unify information for every staff!

    Scattered suggestions/comments may be avoided since the latest necessary documents can be searched and viewed anytime. The improvement and regulation on the service level for the staff as a whole can be devised.

  • User-friendly design!

    We have designed to optimize the features of iPad. Simple operability, easy to see icons and buttons were applied. First-time users can easily control the system.

  • Reduced printing and delivery costs!

    Periodic revision or corrections can be done by synching data. Time can be saved, and can also help to reduce printing and delivery costs.

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iBiz is provided in the form of Cloud service.

Initial payment 0 yen  
Monthly usage fee 10,000 yen No limit as to the number of units that will use the service
Up to 1GB total data capacity
Payment for additional data capacity Additional 10,000 yen in monthly fee per 1GB additional capacity

Initial setup will be received as an option.

  • Initial data insertion
  • User information settings
  • File and folder structure

※Service may be used 5 working days after contract.

We also provide a package deal.
For details, please contact our company.

We also customize according to the customer's purpose of use and/or preferred system environment.

We also create iBiz-based systems appropriate for our customers. Please feel free to contact us.


  • Link with existing file sharing environments (such as share point or WebDAV) or
    document management systems
  • Link with product information over the web or with PDF reference data