HTML5 Application Development and Production

ZYYX provides development services utilizing HTML5, which is considered as the mainstream technology for web and application UI development. Its reputation is continuously increasing due to its layout and animation capabilities that were not supported in HTML4. Furthermore, HTML5 is appropriate for smart phones and tablet PCs support since animation can be made possible over the browser without adding plug-ins such as Flash.

HTML5 is suited for:

Creation of websites with distinguished features
  • Creation of sites with expressive styles of animation
  • Site renewal by multiple usage of Flash
  • Creation of sites that can promote the technological strength of new technologies
  • Sharing of smart phone sites and their contents
Creation of smart phone sites
  • Smart phone for PC
  • Consideration of converting sites for smart phones into applications
  • Creation of sites for multi devices


Electronic magazine "ITpro Magazine"

We have enabled to actualize the usability of the electronic magazine "ITpro Magazine Autumn issue virtual edition" over the browser by making full use of HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript, its usability comparable to that of an electronic magazine application of a pad.

"Concierge" – application for Tokyo

Midtown concierges

Through HTML5, we have created event guide contents stored in iPads of concierges in Tokyo Midtown.