Simplest indoor location system in the world

ABFinder is one of our IoT platform that enables you to see where people and things are, both indoors and outdoors by using hardwares like beacons. It solves various problems with ZYYX's outstanding capabilities of proposal and composition by completely utilizing multi-functional devices.

ABFinder is suited for:

Construction sites
  • Making tasks efficient by managing location of equipments and visualizing operation rate in vast construction sites.
Care facilities
  • Detecting the elderly being AWOL from facilities and alerting their families and persons in charge to prevent accidents.

  • Ensuring operatiors' location, deterring from entering unauthorized areas, and detecting exit.
  • Searching location of coworkers in free address workspace and recording their attendance automatically.

Use cases

Free address offices

In free address offices, it makes you get exhausted to find your co-workers. You might need to ask someone where a person you want to talk to is and even whether the person is in or out now. ABFinder enables you to find co-workers easily and simply. All workers need is just to install and sign in ABFinder app.

Construction sites

To construct a large facility, it requires a lot of equipments and many workers share them in a wide range area. Imagine if you can locate equipments you want to use without wasting time to find them. ABFinder enables you to find things quickly that you are looking for.