Company Name
29 August 1994
Capital Stock
¥ 34.7 million
  • CEO Hiroshi Watanabe
  • Senior Vice President Toshihide Nakajima
  • Director Yoshiyuki Hayashi
  • Director Masatoshi Muratsubaki
  • Director MIsao Mori
  • Director Takeshi Saitoh
  • Auditor Seiichi Ohiwa
Number of Employees
106(including partners)※as of 1 September 2019
Our Banks
  • Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Tsukiji Branch
  • Mizuho Bank Kudan Branch
  • The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Sapporo Branch
CEO Hiroshi Watanabe

Since 1994, ZYYX for a long time has engaged into system development and contents creation as its main field of business.

Among the specializations, we excel in system development accompanied by user interface.

We believe that business is that certain event born from human interaction, and naturally, the importance of passing information to other people does not change even if society has leaned towards IT. Information comes in the form of words, sound, images, and other sorts perceivable by the human senses. By making use of the latest technologies and feelings at their best, ZYYX endeavors on how to convey this integrity of emotion on technology efficiently and in an enjoyable way. We think that if emotions were efficiently conveyed despite the constantly developing information technology, then the economy and way of life would develop.

Various IT technologies are practiced everywhere in the present times. Unfortunately, many IT practitioners are poorly exposed in liberal arts and are confined in the shells of technology. Actualizing a flexible and emotion-oriented system design seems to be a difficult task. In reality, being emotional in the world of system development seems to be contradictory. We focus our attention to the upper layer of the system development field, and devote into developing applications or contents that would inspire us. We also value our passion as a professional group, the preference of new technology and continuous determination for quality products.

As a result, we had provided products such as IOT platforms and mobile applications, CMS, mobile phone contents, electric book platforms, and presentation systems for sales compatible for various viewers. Aside from PC and mobile phone applications, we also endeavor into providing applications for tablets and other devices. It is our aim to contribute into communications by making the best out of the continual miniaturization and upgrade of hardware, and by enriching the touch points between people and computers.

From 'express' to 'impress', then elevate into a rich 'experience' – it is our utmost hope that our products and services would be of good use to our valued customers.

President and CEO
Hiroshi Watanabe

Tokyo Head Office
Toukyu Bld 7F 2-40-5 Kandajimbocho Chiyoda-City Tokyo
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Osaka Branch
Higobashi Center Bld 15F 1-9-1 Edobori Nishi-City Osaka
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Hokuriku Branch
TAIKO KEYA Bld 5F 2-7-5 keya Fukui-city Fukui
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ZYYX Int'l Philippines
2107, 21st Floor, Raffles Corporate Center, F. Ortigas Jr Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City, 1605, Philippines
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So 72, Vuong Thua Vu Street, Thanh Xuan dist, HaNoi city, Vietnam
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